• ““Education is not Preparation for Life, Education is Life Itself.””

    John Dewey

Career Center

Career Center shares with the graduates and the students the staff requests intended the needs and the demands of the sectors by “Internship and Job Opportunities”; aiming to guide them in their career plans. Also administrating Graduate Information System, Career Center shares the news of the graduates and the university, the activities and the job opportunities over this system. Our graduates may update their profile information with secure log-in, drop in news/adverts, communicate with other graduates or the Career Center over this system. Career Center provides services as a center which all of our students and graduates may stop by whenever they want and may consult for every subject regarding their careers.

Our Career Center supports our students in making conscious choices for their careers; enables them to be familiar with the business life with internships, technical travels, trainings, conferences and attendance to sector fairs.

Student Clubs

In line with the philosophy of “Education is not Preparation for Life, Education is Life Itself.”, 21 active clubs formed by the students continue their operations at Beykoz University. With their activities, these clubs liven up and shape the social and cultural life at our university. The clubs continually multiply as new students join.

The activities of our Student Clubs are shared in “Beykoz Events” social media accounts with all the students, academic and administrative staff. In our student clubs which also are a simulation of the business life, our students participate in taking responsibility, improving their skills, working as a team, performing out of class activities to fulfil the social and cultural requirements. If you wish, you can become a member of any club you like or form a club to your heart’s content!

Atatürkçü Düşünce Kulübü (Atatürkist Thought Club), Dans Kulübü (Dance Club), Bilişim Kulübü (Informatics Club) Denizcilik Kulübü (Marine Club) Doğa Sporları Kulübü (Outdoor Sports Club), Dış Ticaret Kulübü (Foreign Trade Club), Edebiyat Kulübü (Literature Club), Enerji Kulübü (Energy Club), Fotoğrafçılık Kulübü (Photographs Club), Gezi ve Kültür Kulübü (Travel and Culture Club), Girişimcilik ve İşletme Kulübü (Entrepreneurship and Business Administration Club), Halk Oyunları Kulübü (Folk dances Club), Havacılık Kulübü (Aviation Club), İletişim Kulübü (Communication Club), Lojistik Kulübü (Logistics Club), Medya Kulübü (Media Club), Müzik Kulübü (Music Club), Satranç Kulübü (Chess Club), Sinema Kulübü (Cinema Club), Spor Kulübü (Sports Club), Tiyatro Kulübü (Theatre Club), Toplumsal Bilinçlenme Kulübü (Social Awareness Club).

Sport Activities

Organization of sportive competitions involving students, academic and other staff within the university are carried out via our university teams and student clubs active in Health, Sports and Cultural Affairs. It joins interuniversity and regional exclusive competitions. Our university has football, futsal, basketball, volleyball, dragon boat, kick box, snowboard and wrestling teams. The teams that we aim to establish are fencing, athletics, swimming, snooker, shooting, chess and tennis. Our university teams participate in the official sport competitions organized interuniversity. You can join one of these teams and have the pleasure of winning a trophy.


Besides the contracted dorms which our students receiving education in our campuses at “the pearl of the Bosporus” Beykoz can accommodate at a discount, there also will be student dorms at Mahmut Şevket Paşa Campus whose construction has started. You can contact Health, Sports and Cultural Affairs (SKS) to get detailed information on the contracted student dorms.



  • General Information

Our library acting with the principal of “Knowledge is the most precious wealth.” currently works hard to form the substructure required for our academic, administrative staff and students to easily reach the knowledge they may need. In this regard, by becoming a member of various consortiums such as ANKOS and TÜBİTAK-ULAKBİM in librarianship, the databases within EKUAL project and its collection multiplying each day, it serves our users and will continue to provide services in the future by adapting to the changing and developing technology.

  • Open Access

In order to make the scientific literature accessible, scannable, copiable via the internet without financial, legal and technical setbacks, DSpace software is established in our library and our open access system is currently being developed.

  • User Services

Our university’s academic, administrative staff and our students are provided with lending services and in line with that, our university’s academic staff lend publications from other universities’ sources in cooperation with the ILL.